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Mauro Icardi's Wife Wanda Nara Lit Up The Internet With Half-Naked Pic


It looks like Wanda Nara has finally settled down at Paris, as the controversial soccer wife has gone back to her former self and posted a very sexy pic on his Instagram account.

Nara has spent several days posting pictures of the beautiful French capital, mesmerized by the architecture and landscapes of what will be her home for, at least, a whole season.

But now, Mauro Icardi's wife and agent lit up the entire room and piled almost 200.000 likes in no time, picturing herself laying down with nothing on but a gold watch and a couple of bracelets.

"Is coming back", Nara wrote, hinting at a possible return to modeling, or perhaps suggesting that there will be more pics like this coming our way in the upcoming days.

Nara has always been quite active in social media, as you could tell by her 5.6 million followers on Instagram, and not just because of her controversial exchanges with the press.

It's not the first time Wanda Nara has shocked the world with her suggestive pictures, and there's no wonder why Mauro is so full of her and doesn't even think about anyone else, regardless of how much trouble he's gotten into since he started dating her back in 2014.

Nara made a lot of mess during Icardi's tenure at Internazionale, so now that the Argentinean striker is trying to get his career back on track at Paris, it'd be better for him if she didn't start creating havoc everywhere she goes.

As for the sexy pics, we all know she's just not going to stop any time soon. She's young, daring, and doesn't have anything to be embarrassed about, so, if you're a Paris Saint-Germain fan, you better get used to seeing a lot of here in the future, and we mean a lot.