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Michael Owen Slams Manchester United's Marcus Rashford

(Credit: Getty Images)

(Credit: Getty Images)

Michael Owen has been in the spotlight lately because of his harsh remarks, first blasting Alan Shearer for his lack of loyalty to Newcastle, then claiming David Beckham let England down, and now taking a shot at Marcus Rashford.

When asked about Rashford's performances during the launch of his autobiography, 'Reboot', the former Liverpool legend didn't hesitate to blast Rashford's lack of 'killer instinct', claiming he's not craving scoring like top-tier strikers do:

“I don’t think scoring goals is what he goes to bed craving. I think it is the overall performance, chipping in with goals, assists, everything. He is a better all-round player than me. He has a great touch and all-round skill that I never had, but he hasn’t got the killer instinct that I had. I was just obsessed. Players like Robbie Fowler, Sergio Aguero or Harry Kane - these people who are obsessed with goals. I don’t think he is obsessed with goals," Owen told the press,as reported by The Times.

Moreover, the British striker went on to elaborate his criticism by claiming the killer instinct is something you either have or you don't, and that Rashford will never be able to turn into a top-notch goal-scorer because of that:

“You can definitely improve your finishing, but I don’t think you can improve your instinct and I don’t think you can improve the way you are made. I know Rashford was never a center-forward as a kid. He always wanted to play wide or as a number ten and I know his coaches at the Man Utd academy were always encouraging him to follow the ball in, get tap-ins and get into the box, be a goalscorer.

It was never really his desire. He was always outside the box, great touch and everything else. He will always score a decent number of goals and he is an absolutely wonderfully talented player, but when you mention Aguero, that cold-blooded constantly thinking about goals, I don’t think (he has it)," he concluded.

Throughout the course of his career, Owen scored 163 club goals and was one of the most prolific finishers of his generation, so he sure knows what he's talking about.