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More Drama: Bayern Munich Threaten Germany Over Neuer - Ter Stegen Feud


Joachim Löw has one of the best problems any coach in the world could ask for. He's got too many players on its squad and, more often than not, that means a star is going to be unhappy.

Having more than one great player in the same position means one of them is simply not going to have enough minutes, especially if we're talking about goalkeepers.

Hence, Marc-Andre Ter Stegen has publically let everybody know about his frustration over not being Germany's first choice at goalkeeper, with Manuel Neuer holding on to the spot.

Neuer has been Löw's go-to-guy for years and the boss has been reluctant to bench him even despite Ter Stegen's superb level with FC Barcelona, and it doesn't look like this is going to change any time soon.

Thing is, Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness recently told the press that the team won't allow Neuer to join the national team if he's replaced by Ter Stegen, fueling even more controversies around this matter:

"We would never accept that. (If the team is informed about it) before it happens, we won't send any players to the national team anymore. According to FIFA rules, a club is obliged to send their players to the national team anyway," the executive told Sport Bild.

Neuer has excelled for both his national team and Bayern Munich, leading Germany to a World Cup trophy and establishing himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

When asked about the controversy, Neuer simply claimed it doesn't think Ter Stegen's attitude is going to be positive for the national team, but wasn't interested in talking about it.

It looks like this situation is just going to keep on escalating, and it's a huge shame two of the best in the world have to go at it like this instead of just having each other's backs.