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Marco Verrati Claims Paris Saint-Germain Should Let Neymar Jr Leave The Team


Things haven't been easy for Neymar Jr lately, as the Brazilian superstar suffered an injury after being accused of raping a woman, let alone the fact that he's trying to get out of Parc des Princes and the team seems reluctant to make it easier for him to go.

Once a record signing for the French side, now Neymar has openly let them know about his desire to leave the premises this summer, yet they're unwilling to lessen their financial expectations for him.

That's why Marco Verratti, Neymar's teammate at Paris Saint-Germain, thinks the club should reconsider their stance on Neymar and just let him go if he doesn't want to be there:

"When a player really wants to leave, the club must let him go, according to the conditions set by the club, of course. But you must not keep a player who wants to leave. Of course, I would be disappointed to see him go. I never heard him say that he wanted to leave after I don't know what he told the club. But personally, of course, I prefer to see him stay," Verratti told RMC Sport.

Neymar was trying to orchestrate a comeback to Camp Nou to join FC Barcelona, but after the Catalans signed Antoine Griezmann, they're not expected to go all-in on Neymar and break the bank to make such a huge investment.

There's no denying in Neymar's talent and ability to impact the game whenever he's healthy enough to be out there, but his off-court antics have taken a major toll on his public persona.

Therefore, it's unlikely that any big club in Europe is willing to meet PSG's price-tag for him, so we wouldn't expect this saga to end any time soon, and he'll most likely play for the French champions next season.