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Neymar Wants To Stay At PSG, Claims Father


Once again, Neymar Jr has been in the eye of the storm regarding a potential summer move, as rumors pointed towards the Brazilian superstar being uncomfortable at Paris ever since leaving Barcelona a couple of seasons ago.

Rumors about a potential return to Spain started piling up since the start of the season, but he's eager to "honor his contract" with the French champions, at least, according to his father, who told PSG fans they can "sleep easy" amid those transfer rumors.

Neymar made a record-breaking €222 million move from Camp Nou to Parc des Princes, and while he's excelled ever since, leaving under Kylian Mbappe's shadow and his constant desire to travel to Brazil and party raised a lot of questions over his commitment with the team.

Moreover, his move away from Barcelona to a somewhat lesser club was kind of suspicious at the time, with most people thinking he was just using the French club as a temporary destination before signing with Real Madrid.

However, the winger signed a long-term deal with PSG and, while he may not be as comfortable as he was at Barcelona, he plans to play it through, claims Neymar Santos Sr, his father:

“The contract is long with PSG. We are only in the second season and it is not even over yet. We have a contract we are not even halfway through. These rumors of departure will always exist, we cannot have a player like Neymar without clubs dreaming about him. Neymar's desire to be at PSG was expressed two years ago, so the fans can sleep easy. Today Neymar does not want to leave PSG, he wants to continue to help the club win titles," he told RMC Sport.

Neymar's arrival was supposed to boost PSG's chances to dominate at a foreign level the same way they've completely owned their domestic competitions, yet, he was unable to be featured against Manchester United due to injury and the French side was knocked out of the UCL once again.