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Patrice Evra Trolls Cristiano Ronaldo Over His Obsession To Stay In Shape


Besides being one of the most influential defenders of French football history and a Manchester United legend, Patrice Evra is well known for his sense of humor and trolling skills.

Faithful to that nature, the Frenchman never misses a chance to mess with Cristiano Ronaldo, one of his most beloved teammates from his 8-year stint at Manchester United.

So, when the two former Red Devils met in the UEFA Champions League draw gala, Evra made the most of the opportunity to troll CR7 for his obsession with training and staying in shape all the time.

"Cristiano: 'Are you coming for lunch or no?' Me: “Thank you but I just retired so I don’t need another training session," Evra wrote as the caption of a photo of the two together during the gala.

Evra made reference to the infamous lunch date they had back in the day when they were both playing at Old Trafford, a story he had already told Marca last year:

"I would give advice to anybody, when Cristiano invites you for lunch at his house, just say no. He said: 'Patrice, come over after training.' I went (and) you know I was really tired. At the table, there was only salad and plain white chicken so I was like 'okay...' and water, not any juice. We started eating and I was thinking some big meat would be coming after that but there was nothing.

He had just finished and he stood up and he started playing with a ball, doing some skills and he said: 'Let's do some two-touch.' I was like 'Can I just finish eating?' and he replied 'No, let's play two-touch. We start playing two-touch. After that he said let's go to the pool to swim, I was like 'okay...' after going in the jacuzzi, the sauna, I'm done.

I said: 'Cristiano, why have we come here, have we come here because we have a game tomorrow, or just for lunch? So that's why I would recommend to anyone when Cristiano invites you to his house, don't go. Just say no because this guy, he's a machine, he doesn't want to stop training."

If you want to be the best, you have to work like the best. And we all know Cristiano won't take any days off, so if you're ever invited over to his place, you better be ready to grind.