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Paul Ince Blasts Manchester United For Not Signing Erling Haaland

Credit: Borussia Dortmund

Credit: Borussia Dortmund

The need for new faces at Manchester United is becoming more evident as days go by, as Liverpool exposed them once again this past weekend en route to a 2-0 triumph.

That's why Paul Ince, a former United player, is urging the team to make a move in this transfer window to put an end to their offensive struggles:

“A new signing in January has become a must. It's not that they need to - they absolutely have to," Ince told Paddy Power.

Moreover, the former Red Devil went on to criticize his team for striking out on Erling Haaland, who scored 3 goals on his Borussia Dortmund debut this past weekend:

“It kind of makes Erling Braut Haaland even more embarrassing and a pain in the arse than it already was, especially after we saw his debut hat-trick. Because if they don't sign someone, who's going to get you goals? We saw the sitter that Anthony Martial missed against Liverpool. It's simply not good enough.

He should be burying that, if that had fallen to Rashford I'm confident that would've been a goal. With Rashford out, you can't trust Martial will make up those goals. Mason Greenwood is great, but he's young, untried and untested. You can't put that level of pressure on such a great player," he added.

Ince also claimed that Manchester United must be really regretting about letting Romelu Lukaku go, as the Belgian is now thriving at Internazionale while they're struggling badly to score some goals:

“If Ole wasn't already regretting letting Romelu Lukaku go, he seriously will be now.I'll be the first to admit that I had a go at him at times, and he can't retain the ball, but you do get 20-25 goals a season from him. United let him go without replacing him and now they're paying the price. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but, really, Ole should never have let him go," he concluded.

Manchester United are far from the team they used to be during the Sir Alex Ferguson era and they're not likely to be back to the top of the world unless they spend some big bucks next summer.