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Paul Merson Claims Nobody Wants 'Unattractive' Arsenal Job

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Arsenal finally decided to sack Unai Emery following several bad performances, as the Spaniard clearly wasn't in control of his locker room and ran out of ideas despite all the money the club spent to get new players.

Hence, the Gunners are now trusting Freddie Ljungberg as their interim boss, but the Swedish midfielder hasn't shown anything that could make you think he's the right guy for the job.

However, former Arsenal player Paul Merson thinks the club is going to have a tough time finding a long-term replacement for Emery, as the club isn't a top-four team right now and the job wouldn't be attractive anymore:

“Arsenal are going to struggle to find a big name to replace Unai Emery because it’s just not that attractive a job anymore. Freddie Ljungberg has found out just how much work there is to be done at that club. Without being horrible, their game against West Ham was one of the worst I’d ever seen for 60-odd minutes. I think they want him to do well, steady the ship, get through the season and not panic into getting a new manager. But they are not a top-four club. And they don’t need a ten-minute fix, they need a long-term plan," Merson told the Daily Star.

Moreover, the team was linked with a move for Brendan Rodgers earlier in the season, but he recently extended his contract with Leicester City and isn't going anywhere right now. Carlo Ancelotti and Massimiliano Allegri were other guys tied to the position, but Merson thinks they won't take the job as they know they can't compete with the best teams in the league:

“They won’t be getting Brendan Rodgers now. There’s talk of Carlo Ancelotti but would he be there for four or five years? Probably not. And why would someone like Max Allegri take it? He’s just managed Juventus. This league has Liverpool and Manchester City in it and Arsenal have no chance of challenging them. Arsenal get beat this weekend. I said last week that United would test City, and they did. But I can’t see how Arsenal do," he concluded.

The Gunners are likely to have a lot of trouble finding a good coach willing to take a hit and risk it all with them, and things aren't looking good at all for their project going forward.