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BREAKING: Adidas Reportedly Forcing Manchester United To Keep Paul Pogba

Breaking: Paul Pogba Allegedly Called Maurizio Sarri To Force Manchester United Exit

It looks like the Paul Pogba saga is never coming to an end, with the often-pointed-at midfielder once again in the center of the storm regarding his controversial situation with Manchester United.

The World Cup winner is reportedly eyeing a second move out of the Theatre of Dreams, with his mind set on a dream move to Real Madrid to play under Zinedine Zidane's tutelage.

Juventus have also inquired about the possibility of bringing Pogba back in the summer, and even reportedly reached out to his agent Mino Raiola to submit a huge bid for his services.

However, The Daily Mirror reported that Adidas is forcing Manchester United to try and do whatever it takes to keep the midfielder on their squad in the summer, regardless of whether if he wants to stay put or no.

Thing is, the sports brand signed a massive endorsement deal with Manchester United worth £750m ($1.1b) for 10 years back in 2015, and claim that Pogba's departure would make the team "lack star power" and therefore hurt their contract.

The Frenchman has always been under a lot of pressure at Old Trafford, often pointed out and called out because of his careless nature and inconsistency on the pitch.

He's never looked entirely comfortable off the court with Manchester United and people don't give him enough credit despite coming off one of the best seasons of his career, at least statistically speaking.

Moreover, Zidane has reportedly given him and Raiola an ultimatum on his stance, trying him to submit a transfer request and force United's hand to let him walk away in the summer, or he will never sign him for his Real Madrid squad otherwise.

As for Juventus, Maurizio Sarri's appointment as their new boss could also put a lot of pressure on their shoulders in this upcoming transfer window, as the Italian has vowed to take the team to the top of Europe next season.