Paul Pogba Reveals His Thoughts About 'The Biggest Club In The World'

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(via The Independent)

(via The Independent)

Paul Pogba isn't exactly the Red Devils' favorite person right now, as he's been accused of wanting to get out of Manchester United and faking an injury to sit out for the season.

However, and despite the fact that Pogba already left the team once, he recently opened about to Manchester United's official website and talked about how he's trying to help the young players.

According to the Frenchman, he's encouraging them not to take anything for granted, as they must be aware of how lucky they are for having the chance to play for such a big club:

"I've said to a lot of the young players who have been with the first team: 'Guys, you don't know how lucky you are.' Unfortunately for us, we've had a lot of injured players and it's, therefore, a big chance for the young players to be involved with the first team. They have the chance to do well and stay there.

So, I said to them: 'Take this luck and take this opportunity because it's important until the other players come back fit.' You never know, there could be an injured player and a young player comes in and plays a great game and they stay with the first team until the end of their career," Pogba claimed.

The World Cup winner hasn't been able to play in six months due to an undisclosed ankle injury, but he's still trying to make an impact in the club and have a positive influence on their Academy graduates:

"I think and I hope I can help them. This is one of the biggest clubs in the world and maybe the biggest club in history and they have the chance to be in this club. So I say to them: 'Take your chance, play, you are young, you have quality, you have nothing to be afraid of.

I hope I can give them a good example when I'm on the pitch and outside the pitch and, even though I don't see myself as old, I hope that the young players will, one day, come and take my position (when I leave). That's how it is, I won't play forever. We all give our best on the pitch and I hope these young players will become legends here at the club. They have to enjoy it and really appreciate the chance they have here," Pogba concluded.

However, the Frenchman is still tied to a move out of Old Trafford in January, with Zinedine Zidane and Real Madrid closely following his footsteps.