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Paulo Dybala's Brother Talks About The Striker's Future Amid Summer Exit Rumors


Paulo Dybala hasn't been nearly half as good as everybody expected him to be early on, as the striker hasn't been able to make a positive impact for Massimiliano Allegri ever since Cristiano Ronaldo completed his shocking move to the team.

Moreover, Cristiano's presence has really taken a toll on his playing time, and frustration has grown around the talented Argentinean.

According to Gustavo Dybala - Paulo's brother - the 25-year-old might as well be on his way out of Juventus in the summer, along with several other stars that would much rather leave Turin as soon as possible:

“There is a big chance that Paulo will leave Turin, he needs a change, He was very comfortable in Italy but he isn't anymore, like many other Juventus players. He is not the only one who will leave," his brother told Futbolemico.

Dybala has been rumored to make a move to Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and even Bayern Munchen, as every big team in the world is well aware of his talents and would be more than willing to take a gamble on him.

Also, his bad relationship with Massimiliano Allegri has really taken a toll on his ability to perform at the highest of levels, so everybody feels as if a change of environment would be more than enough to bring him back to his best.

Moreover, with Cristiano Ronaldo on board, there's not going to be much left for the rest of the strikers, but still, his brother claims there's no beef with the Portuguese superstar:

“Problem with Ronaldo? No, off the field there is no problem with Cristiano. The problems are on the field: Paulo is young, he has to play."

Dybala is still one of the most promising strikers in the world and there's no doubt he'll have plenty of offers on his table, should he actually decide to leave Turin in the summer.