Pep Guardiola Claims Leroy Sane Can Leave Manchester City If He Wants To

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Pep Guardiola has made a name for himself for being a 'players' coach', a guy that's always trying to find the way to help bring the most of his squad and exploit their undeveloped qualities.

However, he's also been known for being kind of cold when opening the door for players to leave regardless of their quality and history with the club, and that seems to be the situation now with Leroy Sane.

Sane hasn't been happy at the club lately as he saw his playing time take a major dip towards the end of the season despite his great performances, so the Catalan boss has let him know that he can leave if he wants to:

"He is a guy we appreciate, I like him a lot. I think he can be better. Two times, three times I have said that we want him to stay. That's why he has an offer to extend his contract. It's not in our hands. The agreement is good and if he wants to leave, I'll be sad. Hopefully, he stays," Pep told the media when asked about the Sane situation, as quoted by TalkSPORT.

Sane has been linked with a move to Bayern Munchen, with Niko Kovac claiming the team will do whatever it takes to take him back to Germany and be Arjen Robben's replacement.

Hence, Guardiola has no intentions of trying to convince him to change his mind, adding he doesn't want to coach any players that aren't happy to be at the club:

"The club made him an offer last year, as I said many times. We want people here to be happy. We are going to help him to be the best, we know his potential and what his level is. He has a special quality difficult to find around the world. He knows, they all know, it’s difficult because of the quality we have. But, at the same time, I spoke to the club 10 times I want people here to be happy. If they are not, they go. The desire to have him to be with us is always there," Guardiola concluded.