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Pep Guardiola Opens Up About Lionel Messi: "With Him, We Would Win Everything"



FC Barcelona have always been a huge club, but Lionel Messi and Pep Guardiola led them from a huge club, to one of the biggest clubs in the history of the game.

Guardiola and Messi won everything together and they established themselves at the top of the discussion about the best player and best coach in the history of soccer.

Pep's revolutionary ideas and Messi's generational talent were a deadly combination for years, and lately, the Spanish coach finally opened up about his early thoughts on the Argentinean superstar:

"I had already been told by someone from the squad that there was a very good player in the squad. They told me that he was very young but scored many goals and he was very good. I did not know him and one day I saw him and his father at a Nike store. I saw him, he looked small and shy and I thought: ‘Is this one as good as they say?’ We started pre-season in Scotland, we won 6-1, 5-0 and he would score three goals a game for you. I thought that, with him, we would win everything," Guardiola told Catalunya Radio.

Moreover, the Manchester City boss claimed that one of the best things about working with such a talented player was being able to change the culture of the club as they rose to stardom:

"There wasn't much time to, but I enjoyed the process of building the team; seeing that the changes we made worked and everything was flowing; how they were brought together, the chemistry, the respect. They were a group of friends who went out to dinner often; a group that knew how to move forward in moments of difficulty.

All this was very good, but the importance of leading such a big club as Barca means that you do not have much time to enjoy it. The relationship that we have with those who formed part of that group is insurmountable. There are no championships or world titles that can compensate. We gave each other a lot. But there is a moment, due to the natural process of time, that things end," he concluded.

Now, Messi is still scoring goals and leading Barcelona to the top of the world, and there will always be a desire of seeing these two back together.