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Pep Guardiola Says Leroy Sane Is The Best Wide Player In The World

Leroy Sane

Pep Guardiola has always had nothing but high praise for his players, so it doesn't come as a surprise to see him laud Leroy Sane the way he did.

Guardiola has been thrilled with Leroy Sane's work in the flanks of the pitch and said he's not going to move him to the center of the box thanks to the way he changes the game for full-backs.

"Sane is the best in the world playing out wide. I’d prefer to use him where he is strongest, he's an incredible player. I'm not saying he can't (play in middle) but at the moment we have better players to do that job. He’s not ready to play in the middle now, you have to be so good to control the spaces. Maybe in the future," Guardiola said ahead of Sunday's Carabao Cup clash against Chelsea.

Sane has been thriving all year long on what may be the best season of his career, showing a lot of motivation after being surprisingly snubbed from Germany's World Cup team.

Thus far, the 23-year-old has netted 14 goals to go along with 9 assists in 31 caps for Manchester City, earning the love and respect of Pep and helping his team go toe-to-toe with Liverpool for the English Premier League title.