Pep Guardiola Slams 'Rebuilding' Rumors Amid Inconsistent Season

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Manchester City have been far from the dominant machine they were last season, struggling to keep up the pace with Liverpool for the English Premier League race and showing some subpar performances in the UEFA Champions League.

So obviously, given their financial reality and their transfer policy, a lot of people hinted at a possible rebuilding process for the Citizens, with the upcoming transfer window just around the corner.

However, City's boss Pep Guardiola shut the door on any rebuilding, claiming he'll only replace aging players that want to leave the club and enjoy the final years of their careers elsewhere:

“We don’t have to rebuild too much. Three players is not rebuilding the team. Rebuilding the team is seven or eight, which we did in the second season when seven players finished their contract because 11 players were over 30. To buy two or three players is not a rebuild, it’s just substituting positions. David (Silva) confirmed he’s leaving. Fernandinho doesn’t know but it’s normal - the players that arrive at his age and this stage of their lives. Of course, we have to replace them," Guardiola told the press, as quoted by The Guardian.

The Citizens have enough money to pursue several big fish in the summer, so Guardiola claimed he'd rather wait instead of making a push in January, because he's aware of the fact that there won't be many opportunities now:

“When they come for an incredible opportunity in January for the next four, five, six years maybe we could think about it, but that is not possible. Normally the players we could think it would be interesting to add something for our squad they are not going to sell. We could not sign a center-back (in the summer).

You know the history - we could not sign one. Nico (Otamendi) continued and we decided to adapt Fernandinho in this position and that’s all. Sometimes the club wants to try to do their best, but we cannot. We have to adapt and adjust with the players that we have and next season we will see," the Spaniard concluded.

If someone can reinvent his team with what he has in hand, that's Pep Guardiola, so there's no need to worry about that. Still, he better start doing