Pep Guardiola Speaks Out About Barcelona Potential Signings

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Pep Guardiola Speaks Out About Barcelona Potential Signings

Three years after his departure from Barcelona, Pep Guardiola is still a common topic to discuss among the club’s supporters. Guardiola is one of the most successful managers in the history of football and a big part of that success came when the former defensive midfielder was the Blaugrana’s helmsman between 2008 and 2012.

Of course, he’s not been the same that he used to be during his days at Camp Nou, but nobody doubts of Pep and his quality as a manager and how qualified he is to talk about his beloved club, even though he’s taking the reins of a different one now.

As most people know, Barcelona have been linked with a move for both Antoine Griezmann and Neymar this summer, with the Frenchman keen to leave Atletico after five years of good moments and the Brazilian eager to leave Paris following an overwhelming season that didn’t end the best way.

According to Pep, landing Neymar and Griezmann would be a great move for Barcelona, even though he didn’t want to split hairs on what he really thinks of them.

"It all depends on the idea you have in mind with the sporting director and the coach," Guardiola told reporters at a presentation in Barcelona, as quoted by Marca.

"The good (players) are always welcome in any team. Those two are very good."

Guardiola had the chance to manage Neymar while he was still part of the team, but he refused to speak more than necessary about the Brazilian.

"I'm not going to say anything, it does not belong to me," he said. "This belongs to Barcelona. ​​I've lived in this club for a long time and I do not want any opinion to be misinterpreted."

He also had the chance to discuss where he plans to come back to the team, and he actually dared to reply and make a bold statement, as he would be re-joining the team in the future, but not precisely as manager.

"I will return to Barcelona sooner or later. But as president, forget about it," he said.

"To be president, you have to know (what you're doing) and be prepared; to have knowledge that I don't have.

"I'm trying to be a good coach; that hasn't gone too badly in this decade. I will return to Barcelona to live, sooner or later."

Right now Pep is trying to win another Champions League trophy after failing to do so with Bayern Munich and now with Manchester City, so it’s going to take a while before we see him making the big decisions in Camp Nou.

Barcelona, on the other hand, will try to move fast this summer as Real Madrid and Atletico are making more noise this summer transfer window than them.