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Pep Guardiola Takes A Huge SHot At Manchester United

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Pep Guardiola has never hesitated to throw a little shade at his rivals, even if he later tries to cover it up with some humble bragging about how much he respects the other team.

And, while he often does that towards little clubs, this time he took a huge shot at none other than their city rivals and one of the biggest clubs in the world: Manchester United.

Guardiola went to acknowledge that Manchester City has had the last laugh lately vs. their longtime rivals, claiming they've beaten then more times:

"When you play games for many years sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Against United, a top club, you can win and lose games. I didn’t come here and expect to beat Man United all the time. We’ve beaten them more than we lose in the regular season. That is important," Guardiola claimed, as quoted by Goal.

However, faithful to his nature, the Spaniard boss then tried to cover up his harsh comments by lauding his rival, claiming the team is finally starting to play Ole Gunnar Solskajer wants them to even despite their recent loss vs. Arsenal:

"I have the feeling that they're starting to play the way he wants. Even the last game against Arsenal we saw clearly what he wants. It's not easy to take over a big big club that's always demanding to be involved in the competition," Guardiola added.

When asked about United's biggest advantage over City for their Carabao Cup clash, Pep acknowledged that they may struggle to keep them in check due to how fast and aggressive they are during counterattacks, which has been a major issue for the Citizens.

"How fast they are. How solid and aggressive. We conceded a few counterattacks and in just a few seconds they were in the box," he concluded.