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Peter Crouch Points Out The True Engine Behind Liverpool's Success

(via Liverpool Echo)

(via Liverpool Echo)

Ever since Jurgen Klopp was appointed as Liverpool's manager, everybody knew some big changes were coming ahead for the Reds, especially on the offensive side of the game.

Besides his revolutionary ideas, Klopp brought some very talented players to reinforce his squad, mainly upfront, with Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane getting most of the credit for their recent offensive explosion.

However, former Liverpool striker Peter Crouch things the true engine behind their success is non-other than Roberto Firmino, who's constantly overlooked despite playing a key role in their system:

“Some critics will argue that Liverpool's Brazilian showboats when he does these skills but you need to watch him closely. He never does a stepover on the halfway line or a rainbow flick by his own goal to show off. He does everything in dangerous areas to create chances. What I would have done to play alongside Firmino. If I was a manager, Mo Salah would be the one member of Liverpool's front three that I could not do without. I have huge respect for Mane, too, but from a striker's point of view, Firmino would be the dream partner," Crouch told The Daily Mail.

Moreover, Crouch went on to describe exactly what Firmino does on the pitch for Jurgen Klopp and dismissed the narrative of him being a 'false nine', claiming he's just an unselfish striker and that he's actually the best nine in England:

"I hate the term 'false nine' - I was an actual No. 9 and proud of it! - but Firmino plays this position better than anyone in the Premier League and the reason Salah and Mane's goal returns are going through the roof is because they have such an unselfish partner alongside. Firmino was nominated for the Ballon d'Or this week and he deserves to be in that category. I recently heard a quote that I loved: 'If you watch the game you don't see Firmino. If you watch Firmino you see the whole game.' Poetry. He is the man who makes Liverpool tick. He is a genius," Crouch concluded.