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Peter Crouch Takes A Cheap Shot At 'Selfish' Mo Salah

(Credit: Getty Images)

(Credit: Getty Images)

Liverpool and Everton starred in a high-scoring affair in a new edition of the Merseyside Derby. However, Jurgen Klopp saved some of his best pieces in the bench thinking ahead to the rest of the season.

With the Reds clearly in a favorable position over their rivals, Klopp thought it would be for the best to give several stars, including Mo Salah, a well-deserved rest.

Notably, his team didn't let him down, as Liverpool hung on to a comfortable 4-2 lead in the first half and ended up taking the three points with a 5-2 easy triumph over Marcos Silva's pupils.

However, former Liverpool striker Peter Crouch thinks that victory may have actually made Mohamed Salah mad, deeming him a 'selfish striker' and claiming he must be really angry for missing on the chance to score:

“I think he will be fuming to be on the bench. He will want to be part of that team – he has aspirations for the Golden Boot, we know what he's like. He has gone from a winger to a selfish striker. He won't be sat on the bench enjoying that performance. He'll have been sat there thinking he could have got two or three goals. If there's one man who is probably walking away not so pleased, it's probably him. I remember when England were playing Andorra and I was like 'get me on that pitch'," Crouch told Amazon Prime.

This cheap shot at Salah was unnecessary and did nothing to ease the rumors of the Egyptian getting mad at his teammates and coach when he's not the focal point of their offense.

Selfish or not, Salah is one of the best players in the world right now and, Crouch being a former Liverpool player, should know better than this and avoid these kinds of comments that do nothing good for the team's locker room.