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Peter Crouch's Words About Mauricio Pochettino Show How Valuable He's Been For Tottenham

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Things haven't been great for the defending UEFA Champions League runner-ups, as Tottenham have been far off from what everybody expected them to start the season.

Hence, there have been a lot of rumors pointing towards Mauricio Pochettino, hinting at a possible departure from the Argentinean boss in the foreseeable future.

However, former Tottenham striker Peter Crouch claimed that letting Pochettino go would be a huge mistake, as this dismal start of the season is nothing but a 'blip' and things will get right on track in no time.

“Pochettino is the best thing that has happened to Tottenham in 20 years. I say that as someone who was at the club in the late 1990s and, again, 10 years later when Harry Redknapp took charge: I've seen good and bad times first hand and I know what I'm seeing now. This is a blip, nothing more. I was at Leicester seven days ago and I didn't see too much wrong with their performance," the former striker told the Daily Mail.

While Crouch admitted that the team should've won their last match, he urged people to put things in perspective, as the team was a VAR review away from climbing all the way to the third spot of the table:

“They should, really, have won that game and I will argue with anyone who thinks VAR was brought in to decide offside calls like the one which went against Son Heung-min. If Serge Aurier's goal had stood, Tottenham would have gone into today's game with Southampton in third place.

As it stands, they are seventh. Not ideal, of course, but not any reason for people to believe the relationship between club and manager has run its course. Tottenham will finish in the top four again and I have absolutely no doubt about that," Crouch added.

Pochettino has always been quite reflexive and critic about his team's performance, but he's also found ways to reinvent his system and continue to compete, so Crouch had the coach's back amid all the rumors pointing Manchester United and Real Madrid would gladly sign him if Tottenham let him go:

“Pochettino might not be happy with certain aspects of his squad but not to the point that he has lost faith in them. If anything, it looks to me that he is frustrated that they are not getting the 'glory' they deserve. If they need some change to the personnel, they don't need it in the dugout.

Pochettino is one of the best managers in the world and has many admirers — the work he has done to make Tottenham Champions League regulars should not be taken for granted. He is the man to lead them through this gloom and, most importantly, the man to keep taking Tottenham forward," the striker concluded.