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Photo: Wales Use Gareth Bale’s Infamous Flag To Announce Euro 2020 Fixtures

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Before it gets boring and tedious, you have to use what’s funny for everybody. That’s the case with Gareth Bale’s infamous flag. People were forgetting that, but it came to life once again on Saturday.

It all started when Bale showed that controversial “Wales, golf, Madrid – in that order” flag after Wales secured their qualification for Euro 2020. At that moment, it was really funny, mainly because it wound up the Spanish media and Madrid fans.

Now, when everybody thought it was all part of the past, the official Welsh Twitter account produced this effort following the Euro 2020 draw:

It’s curious to note that if they didn’t put the dates of the matches, the pic would look like they were ranking the fixtures by levels of difficulty.

It looks like the flag has reached all the exposure it can, so we now have to wish and wait nobody else tries to replicate it. Even Real Madrid fans did one of their own when Bale returned from International duty.