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Premier League Clubs To Vote To Extend Transfer Deadline

Premier League Clubs To Vote To Extend Transfer Deadline

One of the main stories this past summer transfer window was the fact that after the early Premier League transfer deadline, English clubs could still lose their stars, leaving them no chance to find the proper replacements.

Fortunately, this could change shortly, as they could soon vote to re-extend the summer transfer deadline back to its former closing date at the end of August. This will bring the division back in line with the rest of Europe, only two years after a majority agreed to implement a self-imposed early deadline.

Back in 2017, Premier League sides decided to place the summer deadline to register new players the day before the start of the season in 2018 and 2019. This has racked up a lot of bad comments, especially this year, when this situation was more visible.

Even Tottenham Hotspur’s boss Mauricio Pochettino expressed his frustration with the early deadline, urging the league to fix the ‘massive mistake’.

Players like Christian Eriksen, Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld were linked with a move away from Tottenham after the transfer deadline. Manchester United’s Paul Pogba was also rumored to be leaving Old Trafford, which raised a lot of criticism.

Now, however, it looks like Pochettino is not alone, and there’s been growing support to revert back to the way things were and The Times reports this matter will be discussed in a Premier League meeting on 12 September.

The current Champions League champions, Liverpool, are specifically named as having joined the movement to re-extend the summer deadline to fall in line with the rest of Europe. Besides the Reds, Manchester United, Manchester City and other unnamed clubs are backing the re-extension of the transfer deadline.

The Times notes that 11 of the 20 member clubs must support the motion for it to pass.

Two years ago, when the original vote was held, only five clubs voted to keep the later deadline. Manchester City, Manchester United, Swansea, Crystal Palace, and Watford. Burnley abstained and the other 14 clubs voted for the early deadline, including Liverpool and Tottenham.