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PSG Set Absurdly High Price Tag On Neymar As Brazilian Star Urges Them To Let Him Leave

Breaking: Neymar 'Tells Paris Saint-Germain He Wants To Leave' Amid Dressing Room Crisis

Earlier today, Barcelona handed Paris Saint-Germain a significant offer for Neymar Jr's services, a bid that included both Ousmane Dembele, Philippe Coutinho, and over 40 million in cash to put this drama at ease.

However, Leonardo, the French club's sporting director, has already declined their offer, as they're not even slightly interested in any of the players the Blaugrana are offering them.

Thing is, Paris Saint-Germain is keen and determined to get at least €222 million in return for Neymar, which is the sum they paid for him in the first place back in 2017, according to

Neymar has been a headache for Paris Saint-Germain since day one and his situation is only getting more and more complicated by the day, with him already publicly stating his desire to leave Parc des Princes.

The French club, on the other hand, is in no urgency to let him go as they're not on any kind of financial predicaments, and while they've already welcomed the possibility of him walking out the door, they've vowed to get as much money in return for him as they can.

Neymar is currently facing an incredibly complicated situation as he's dealing with rape allegations, while his Brazilian national team proved that they were more than capable of winning the Copa America during his absence.

Also, Kylian Mbappe's presence has made him even more expendable for Paris Saint-Germain and it looks like nobody's willing to spend that much money on the 27-year-old given his history with controversy and off-court antics.

Barcelona would be more than interested in orchestrating a comeback, but after spending that much money on the Antoine Griezmann, operation, there's just no way they'll offload that much money on him. As for Real Madrid, Florentino Perez has his eyes set on Paul Pogba, so he's unlikely to spend that kind of money on another forward.