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Ranking The 10 Most Funniest Own Goals Ever

Ranking The 10 Most Funniest Own Goals Ever

Scoring a goal is a motive of joy for the player who does it, the team that uses and the fans that see it. There have been plenty of good goals throughout history that made everybody turn their heads and clap, but that’s not why we’re here today.

There is another side when you talk about goals, a dark one, and that’s the own goals'. Something that nobody wants to make, but still keeps happening. It can happen, this is football, player play with a frenetic pace nowadays so it’s not strange when you see a player scoring in his own net trying to cut a dangerous play.

However, that’s just painful instead of funny, and we are here to see the 10 funniest own goals in football history. Normal plays that ended up being a complete disaster, players mocking other players and losing the control of the ball and more things can make an own score one remember and laugh at. Let’s recap some of the best cases of these scorings.

Dishonorable Mention: Phil Jones (Manchester United vs. Valencia, 2018)

10. Robin van Persie (Netherlands vs. Czech Republic, 2015)

Robin van Persie was one of the best strikers in European football at some point of his career, managing to be a scoring machine during his times in Premier League and with his national side. It looks like he tried to net every ball he found on his way during 2015 when Robin gave us one of the funniest own goals in recent times.

During a EURO 2016 qualifier against the Czech Republic in 2015, a corner kick went to the Dutch area and couldn’t find a single Czech head; instead, the ball landed on van Persie’s head, who was actually trying to avoid it, he ducked, the ball hit on his head and went to his team’s net.

9. Rodrigo Cervetti (Comunicaciones vs. Atlanta, 2015)

There are dumb goals and then you have this one. During the first minutes of a game of the Argentinian football third division, Comunicaciones was playing Atlanta when everything fell apart for the firsts in a matter of minutes.

They ended up losing that game by 5-0, but the biggest story of the game was the own goal scored by their goalkeeper, who found a really weird way to score. When attempting to pass the ball with his hands, Rodrigo Cervetti took too much time before releasing it and the ball went straight to his net, scoring of the weirdest own goals in history.

8. Carl Jenkinson (Arsenal vs. Koln, 2011)

Carl Jenkinson signed his name on this list in a great fashion, as the Arsenal player scored a really pretty own goal when his side was clashing with Germans Koln in a friendly match about eight years ago.

A long pass was sent by a Koln player trying to find a striker, but that’s not exactly what happened; nevertheless, things ended up pretty good for the Germans, as they found Jenkinson trying to clear the ball and send it to his goalkeeper. Sadly for Jenkinson and his team, he sent the ball through his own net, scoring a very beautiful goal.

7. Vincent Kompany (Manchester City vs. Fulham, 2013)

Kompany is without any doubt, one of the best defender the Premier League has seen in recent years. Nonetheless, like everyone else in life, he has made mistakes throughout his career, mistakes that earned him a spot in this list.

Six years ago, Manchester City was facing Fulham during a Premier League match, when a center to the middle of his area was cleared by the Belgium centre-back or at least that’s what people thought. The ball took an odd curve and ended bouncing off the post. That was an in incredible goal; it would have been one of the best in history if it wasn’t for the fact that Kompany scored on his own net.

6. Chris Brass (Bury vs. Darlington, 2006)

There is no way you wouldn’t end laughing when watching this goal. It is one of the funniest in football. Nothing more, just funny; there are not aesthetic plays here but the complete opposite: a guy trying to kick the ball out of the area but had a different destination.

Chris Brass is remembered by this goal than for anything else he could do or achieve in his career. Back in 2006, during his times with Bury FC, Brass found himself trying to get a dangerous ball out of his area. He tried an overhead clearance but he failed big time, kicking the ball into his nose before it got to the net. To make things worse, he broke his nose when attempted the clearance, leaving him in horrible pain, and embarrassment.

5. David Alaba (Austria vs. Malta, 2016)

We already saw that not even elite players are exempt to mess things up and score own goals. We just watched Robin van Persie and Vincent Kompany, but what we have here is something else. You can try to clear a ball and get it inside your net or just scoring an own goal by accident, just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

However, what David Alaba did a couple of years ago was beyond that. During a game between his national side, Austria, and Malta, Austria’s goalkeeper and defenders started to pass the ball nearby their area, the ball got to Alaba’s feet and this passed it back to where his goalkeeper was supposed to be, but the only thing he found there was the embarrassment of scoring one of the stupidest own goals in recent years.

4. Djimi Traore (Burnley vs. Liverpool, 2005)

Djimi Traore had a pretty decent career, but when you look at his highlights, there is something that will always outshine the good things he could do during his career. For many people, he is not going to be remembered for a lot of things besides this own goal he scored in 2005 during a match between Burnley and Liverpool.

The then Liverpool defender found himself in the Reds area when a death pass was sent to Burnley’s strikers. Little they knew that Djimi was going to be the one to score a goal for them, as he did in a great way, he tipped the ball with his left heel and did it with so much class that the goal is now considered one of the best of his kind.

3. Festus Baise (Sun Hei vs. Citizen Hong Kong, 2011)

Who says Asian football doesn’t provide interesting things to see? Festus Baise and his terrific own goal are proof of that, as he shocked the world with one of the most beautiful own goals football fans will see in history.

Baise’s team, Citizen Hong Kong, was taking on Sun Hei in 2011 when the latter launched an attack down the right; a cross came in and that’s when Festus Baise did his accidental magic. Baise connected the ball with a scorpion kick and the ball floated into the top corner. Words don’t do justice to what this goal was, but we did our best try.

2. Wayne Hatswell (Forest Green vs Morecambe Town, 2001)

Ok, it’s time for ridiculousness. Here we have Wayne Hatswell, a player with not so much glory through his career, but with one of the worst own goals ever made in football. It took place during a 2000/01 FA Cup match between his side, Forest Green Rovers, and Morecambe Town.

A pass went through his goalkeeper and got on his feet, he couldn’t control it and chase the ball in order to clear it by sending it to the corner. He kicked the ball very strongly, but the only thing he could do was sending it to the top scorer of his empty net. A total shame for him, and a really funny play for many other people.

1. Jamie Pollock (Manchester United vs. Queens Park Rangers, 1998)

It doesn’t get any worse (or better) than this. Jamie Pollock brings the magic with his own goal and what a goal that was. During a game between Manchester United and Pollock’s side, Queens Park Rangers. He scored a really good goal; unfortunately, it counted for the other team.

The Red Devils were taking the ball through the right flank and made a cross attempt that was cut off by our guy, Jamie Pollock, who pulled out the Pelé’s moves and lifted the ball above both his teammates and Manchester’s player, before heading it to his own net just when the goalkeeper was on the way to meet it.

This is something beyond good; that was certainly a great goal and we all, except QPR supporters, are happy to have seen that.