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The One Thing Real Madrid Need To Do If They Want To Sign Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen

Real Madrid are set to go empty-handed this season following one of the most successful spans in the history of the club, and while they should get a free pass for all they did during Zidane's first stint, we know Los Blancos are not a laid-back kind of team.

That's why Florentino Perez and the aforementioned Zidane are going to go all-in this summer to try and lure as many superstars to Santiago Bernabeu as they can, and we all know budget has never been an issue for the Spanish team.

One of Real Madrid's main targets for this summer is Tottenham's Christian Eriksen, one of the most prolific playmakers in the world and a guy that could perfectly suit Zidane's playing style, especially considering how their midfielders have underperformed all year long.

However, and regardless of the fact that Los Blancos have more than enough on the bank to pull the trigger on the Dane, it looks like Florentino is going to play the long game and wait until next season before making a formal bid for the midfielder.

Los Blancos are set to sign both Eden Hazard and Paul Pogba in the summer, a couple of guys that are bound to reinforce spots of the field where the team has been lacking all season long, while they view Eriksen as the long-term successor to Luka Modric, according to The Sun.

Real Madrid know Modric still has some left in the tank and Eriksen's deal is set to expire in 2020, and, while Manchester United are also closely following his steps, Daniel Levy and Tottenham are unlikely to sell him to a direct rival.

So, with Tottenham well aware of the fact that Eriksen is bound to leave unless they pay him an absurd wage, they'll either have to engage in talks with Real Madrid for way less than the £100million they want to get for him or risk losing him for nothing when his deal runs out.