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Real Madrid Fans Show Banner Mocking Gareth Bale For His Controversial Flag

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Earlier this week we witnessed one of the most curious moments in international football for quite some time. The Wales national team showed a flag that read ‘Wales. Golf. Madrid.’ referring to Gareth Bale’s priorities.

As expected, this flag drew a lot of attention back in Spain. It looks like his actions were seen as disrespectful by some of the Spanish press, although they spent months trying to force Bale out of Madrid.

Moreover, it also looks like the fans have taken it badly. Bale was booed at the Bernabeu during Saturday’s clash between Madrid and Real Sociedad, and this banner was spotted in the crowd.

If things were going bad for Bale, now he’s made sure to worsen them. Of course, if he ever finds his way to the starting lineup again and starts scoring and playing better than he’s done so far, things will turn around for the Wales international.

However, for now, it seems the Real Madrid fan base will pretend they would rather see Lucas Vazquez play instead of him.