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"Something Is Terribly Wrong At Real Madrid", Claims Welsh Legend Over Gareth Bale Situation

Gareth Bale

With Eden Hazard finally completing his long-awaited move to Real Madrid and the team already refusing to let go of Vinicius Jr on a loan, things aren't looking quite good for Gareth Bale right now.

Bale has fallen down in Zinedine Zidane's pecking order and with him being so fond of Marco Asensio's talents, he's not likely to have many opportunities to prove his worth going forward at Santiago Bernabeu.

That's why the former Real Madrid boss John Toshack has warned him and urged him to find his way out of the club while he still can, or else, he'll face tough consequences for his career:

"The situation that he's in at Real Madrid certainly can't be helping him. It needs sorting out as soon as possible... because when you look at this player, what he's shown that he can do and look at what he's producing at the moment, something is going terribly, terribly wrong somewhere. I would have thought he would have been absolutely banging the dressing-room door down to get out there on the pitch at this particular moment in time, to show people that they're making a mistake by not playing him," Toshack told BBC Sport Wales.

Toshack also acknowledged the fact that Bale has often been mistreated and criticized by Real Madrid supporters and pointed out that as yet another reason why he should leave as soon as possible.

"People talk about maybe the fitness levels are not there, but I don't go along with that 100%. Bale's performances recently have been disappointing, no question about that. And I think the sooner that things get sorted out for him now the better it'll be for Wales and for himself because, from what I can see over here, there's not the brightest future for him at Real Madrid. There's a bit of a battle going on here between his agent and Madrid at the moment, I think, that needs to be sorted out," he concluded.

Bale has been linked with a return to the English Premier League, with Manchester United and Tottenham reportedly interested in his services, so perhaps is time for him to give up on his Real Madrid dream and take his career back from the ground in British lands.