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Shocking: There's Absolutely No Interest In Real Madrid's Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale

There was a time when Gareth Bale was one of the world's most promising players. He was feared, respected, and pretty much every single team in the world dreamt of the possibility of having him on their ranks.

Sadly, those days are far behind his back right now, as it looks like there's absolutely no interest whatsoever in the Welsh winger, at least from other European clubs, according to the latest reports.

"Real Madrid are waiting for an offer from an English Premier League club to get rid of Bale, but so far, only Chinese clubs have been interested in him".

Los Blancos are desperate to get rid of the injury-prone winger and have even offered to pay a portion of his salary, but, according to Radioestadio, there have been no takers on Bale so far. Bale has been whistled over his last couple of outings at Santiago Bernabeu and, even though he was a pivotal piece of the team's recent European success, it looks like neither the fans, his teammates or the coaching staff want to have anything to do with him.

Over a six-year span, Bale has suffered 29 different injuries and has spent more time in the shelf than actually dressed in shorts, and that kind of up and downs have really taken a toll on his performances as of late.

Bale's agent claimed the winger wanted to stay at Real Madrid to prove his worth, but he's no longer a part of Zinedine Zidane's plans, so he's trying to orchestrate a move back to the English Premier League.

Manchester United were following Bale's footsteps a couple of years back and Tottenham would be thrilled with having him back, and with Real Madrid trying to sign Paul Pogba and Christian Eriksen, perhaps they could use Bale to try and sweeten the deal.