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Real Madrid Legend Discusses Luka Modric's Future With The Team

Luka Modric

Predrag Mijatovic doesn't think people should really be worried about Luka Modric leaving Real Madrid, at least for the time being, even despite his major dip in form following the Russia World Cup.

Real Madrid have mightily struggled to find his best shape since winning back-to-back UEFA Champions Leagues and one of the main responsible for their problems up front was precisely Modric, who hasn't been at his best ever since being named the best player in the planet.

However, Mijativoc, a former Real Madrid legend of his own, believes the Croatian is still quite committed with the club and just doesn't see him leaving in the summer, especially with Zinedine Zidane coming back to fix the mess the team had become since his departure:

"He will continue. I have spoken to him and it was one of the worst games he has played. He is a committed chap and the problem won't be Modric. It won't be easy to recover what he had with the players that are going to arrive. The market has changed. All of the clubs know they need to sign and the prices increase. He's a professional and he is happy. He suffers like everyone," Mijatovic told El Larguero (via El Español).

Modric was being seduced by the Italian Serie A and he was rumored to be one of the players that could leave the team in the summer, joining Marcelo, Gareth Bale, and Isco. Notably, Mijatovic also addressed their situation:

"Zidane was very clear during his first spell. He didn't like the game or the situation and now will be worried as to what to do in the coming season, finding a solution for Bale and what teams he wants won't be easy. It won't be easy because some of these players have given so much joy. Zidane has a big job to motivate them again. I'm not optimistic because to make a new team is not easy," he concluded.

It's still pretty early to tell who's out and who's not, but we can rest assure that Real Madrid is going to look quite different at the start of next season.