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Revealed: Barcelona Players Still ‘Traumatized’ By 4-0 Defeat Against Liverpool

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

Last season we saw one of the most incredible moments in football in recent times when Liverpool shocked everybody and beat Barcelona at Anfield Road despite facing a big disadvantage.

Barca won the first tie of the semi-finals of the Champions League, 3-0, making it really complicated for Liverpool to overcome that result. Nevertheless, the Reds did it against all odds, knocking Barcelona out of the competition with a 4-0 victory.

That must have been an extremely painful defeat and now we confirm it was worse than that. According to Sport Witness, Barca players are suffering ‘post-traumatic stress’ following this loss and the start to the season has been a big sample of that.

This campaign didn’t start the best way for them and claims were building that there was a mental issue for players that dated back to their Champions League exit at Anfield.

“Barca remains paralyzed four months after Liverpool,” La Vanguardia stated.

The club were ‘in a state of shock’ since that 4-0 defeat, described as one of the ‘cruelest’ in Barca’s history. They were ‘unable to move forward’, and following a defeat to Granada it was stated ‘every day is Liverpool’.

On Monday, two other newspapers made similar claims. Mundo Deportivo reports the whole club has a ‘mental issue’ dating back to that terrible night in Merseyside, and it’s even infecting new signings such as Antoine Griezmann.

As soon as they see themselves against the ropes, they collapse, and this happened again at the weekend with a 3-1 defeat to Levante, in which their rivals scored three goals in seven minutes to steal the victory from them.

Away matches are proving especially difficult for the Blaugrana, and AS says the club is suffering from ‘Anfield syndrome’. One could say this is the media making things bigger than they actually are, but every day it looks like this ‘Anfield syndrome’ is a real thing.