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Revealed: How Sir Alex Ferguson Reacted To Manchester United Being Outplayed By Manchester City

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Things are bad for Manchester United this season, but all of that took another dimension on Tuesday when they were absolutely dominated by Manchester City at Old Trafford.

The Red Devils faced their city neighbors for the first leg of the Carabao Cup semi-final, leaving a poor image in front of their fans.

One of them was none other than Sir Alex Ferguson, who was reportedly left hugely disappointed by their first-half display on Tuesday night. United were completely outplayed in the opening 45 minutes at Old Trafford as they fell 3-0 behind and it certainly could have been worse should City had been more clinical.

Marcus Rashford scored in the second half to give them some sort of hope for the rematch, but it’s unlikely they will turn things around in their visit to the Etihad. They go against an adverse result, with City playing at a great level and them showing a poor image on the pitch; the odds aren’t very favorable.

Further, it’s been suggested that the first half disaster this week was too much for Ferguson, as The Mirror reported that the legendary boss simply wanted to be alone with his own thoughts after seeing United dominated.

“The directors' lounge wasn’t a good place to be at half time from a United point of view,” a club source said.

“All Sir Alex wanted to do was go straight to his office. He couldn’t face anyone and was determined to be somewhere else, while Mr. Woodward just had his head in his hands.”

There is still hope there, and Manchester have shown in the past they can turn things around no matter how difficult they are. Yet, it’s hard to believe they have any chance to be better next January 29 with the level they showed in this game.