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Revealed: The Real Reason Why Tottenham Didn't Sign Paulo Dybala

Credit: Getty Image

Credit: Getty Image

Just a couple of days ago, it looked like Tottenham Hotspur were about to become the next driving force of the English Premier League, as they were lined up to pull off several big-name signings like Philippe Coutinho and Paulo Dybala.

However, the Spurs were unable to complete those deals, as Coutinho rejected to join them out of respect for his past with Liverpool, even though they were the only team willing to make an investment and give him another shot.

But it was the Dybala move the one that fell off for the most bizarre reasons. Just when Juventus and Tottenham had agreed on a fee for the Argentinan striker, his camp pretty much blocked the transfer due to image right issues.

Apparently, Dybala's image rights are owned by the Italian marketing company Star Image, and that represented a huge problem for the British club as they would also be forced to buy them at a very high price.

Thing is, Star Image has granted Dybala several endorsement deals and commercial compromises with Adidas, Gatorade, Monster, among others, so the Spurs would've had to make a huge investment in order to be able to use Dybala's pictures and names for their own purposes.

The English Premier League's rules state that the club can use their player's image to promote their kit, store, and pretty much every single product with their brand on it.

However, considering Dybala doesn't actually own his image rights, the club would be forced to miss on the opportunity of making a profit out of his rights.

According to World Trademark Review, Star Image demanded a lot of compensations for Dybala's rights, as they currently had endorsement deals with various brands that compete with the Spurs' sponsors.

It looks like this kind of problems are going to keep a lot of transfers from happening in the future, and hopefully, it'll all be alright for Dybala next season after struggling to find playing time last year with Juventus.