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Revealed: What Cristiano Ronaldo Told Romelu Lukaku About Serie A

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo and Romelu Lukaku are going head-to-head in the scoring charts of the Serie A this season, but the Belgium international admitted he was warned by Cristiano about the level of the competition he'd face in Italy.

Ronaldo told Romelu Lukaku about how difficult the league is after the Belgian striker made a £74 million switch to Inter Milan. Talking with the New York Times, Lukaku told how Cristiano described the defensive work of the Italian clubs.

"He told me this is the hardest defensive league in the world.

"He said he'd scored goals everywhere, but this was the toughest place to do it. And if Cristiano Ronaldo thinks it's difficult, then it must be really difficult.

"It's harder than England. The football is more intense there, but here everything is pattern of play."

Although Serie A is considered a tough league to score goals, that hasn’t been a problem for the former Manchester United striker. So far he’s netted 12 goals in 17 games, two more than Ronaldo, and boasts the third-highest goals per game ratio in Serie A history.

Lukaku has shown he has everything to become one of the best strikers in Europe this season, being one of the main responsible for Inter’s impressive run this campaign. It looks like he paid attention to Cristiano Ronaldo and prepared to face tough defenders.