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Rodrygo Tells Heartfelt Story About Meeting Zinedine Zidane

(via GOAL)

(via GOAL)

It's never easy to succeed in a club like Real Madrid, especially as a young player, as everybody has high hopes for your talents and living up to the hype can be overwhelming for most.

However, Rodrygo has seemed unfazed so far and doesn't look scared by the challenge that comes with playing for Los Blancos, thriving early on for Zinedine Zidane's squad.

Still, we can't just ignore the fact that he's a kid. And like most kids, he grew up dreaming about meeting his idols. That's why getting to know Zidane was such a life-changing experience for him, as per his latest statement:

"When I met Zidane, I started shaking.I used to watch videos of him when he was a player and he's now my coach. It's crazy. I was delighted to meet him but I was so nervous," Rodrygo told Real Madrid TV.

Rodrygo has earned Zidane's trust and has stepped up as one of the team's most impressive players, establishing some great rapport next to Karim Benzema and helping to fix the team's offensive woes. Thus, he's quite optimistic about his future at Santiago Bernabeu, claiming he loves the city, the stadium and even the weather:

“I'm really happy with the way I've started at Real Madrid. It couldn't have gone better. Everything has gone really well. Things have moved even quicker than I expected, and hopefully, I can continue in this vein. I haven't really had much adapting to do, because the Brazilians who were already here have given me all the support you need when you go to another country. And Madrid... I love Madrid! The climate, the way of life... it reminds me a bit of Sao Paulo. If I can, I'll stay here for good," he concluded.

So far, Rodrygo has scored 6 goals with 1 assist in 12 caps for Real Madrid, and hopefully, he'll be able to keep the momentum going and become Brazil's next superstar.