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Romelu Lukaku Fires Back At Manchester United Critics With Hilarious Caption


It looks like Romelu Lukaku's nightmare with the press won't come to an end any time soon, as even after he left England, the Italian media had a bit of a rough welcome for him at Internazionale.

Apparently, Lukaku wouldn't be available for Inter's season opener vs. Lecce due to weight issues, as he's 4 kilograms over the 100 permitted by their medical staff.

Thus, local media started bashing the Belgian striker once again, claiming he's fat, overweight, and slow, all the things he had already heard before at England.

As a matter of fact, even former Manchester United legend Gary Pallister even claimed the reason he didn't succeed at Old Trafford wasn't Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but his shape:

"I think Lukaku is a goalscorer and he will score plenty of goals, but the way they want to play at times, he’s too heavy," Pallister said in a recent interview. You look at the pace in the present game; maybe Ole is looking at that and saying he can’t implement that into his game for me. He was surplus to requirements. He’s a goal scorer, an instinctive goal scorer. He’s not the most clinical but he will get you 15-20 goals a season, but we were looking for a more rounded player," Pallister told

However, Lukaku doesn't seem worried at all and went on to put his doubters at ease with an Instagram story, proving he's not out of shape at all.


"Not bad for a fat boy", Lukaku wrote while showing his abs with quite a straight face, and honestly, he looks more than ready to hit the pitch for the Nerazzurri.

Lukaku lost ground to Manchester United's wonderkids over the last half of the season and was looking forward to a new challenge on his career, so he'll try to prove his doubters wrong this season under Antonio Conte's command.