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Rumors: Bayern Munich Considering Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho

It looks like Jose Mourinho may not be out of a job for much longer, as the controversial coach has been tied with a move to European giants Bayern Munchen.

Mourinho thrived at Old Trafford with Manchester United, but his often defensive and boring tactics, as well as the way he mishandled the media and his players, were enough for the team to call it a day and give him the boot midseason.

Even so, the Bavarians have him in the shortlist, should the team decide to move on from Niko Kovac in the summer, according to Footmercato.

"The Chosen One" was supposed to take the reins of Real Madrid, at least as an interim boss, but rumors state Madrid players were reluctant to work for him again after the Portuguese left the team in bad terms several years ago.

Eventually, he was beaten by Zinedine Zidane in the race to coach Los Blancos, and he was linked with a potential full-time move to Paris Saint-Germain next season.

Either way, it looks like the German aren't exactly thrilled with Kovac's tactics and, should the team strike out on the Bundesliga, they would decide to part ways with him.

Moreover, even his teammates looked unpleased when the team was knocked out of the UEFA Champions Leauge by Liverpool with Robert Lewandowski blaming his defensive tactics for the early elimination.

Bayern Munchen have completely dominated Bundesliga for a year, and everybody knows they have set their eyes on a much bigger price: the UCL, just like Juventus has done in Italy.

That's why bringing the Portuguese in may be a good idea for the Bavarians, considering he's a master of winning European trophies.

However, he's also known for creating a lot of controversy in the locker room, so we'll have to wait and see how this pays off, assuming he's actually interested in the job. Perhaps, he'll only take it to prove he can win a UCL with this team, unlike his longtime rival Pep Guardiola.