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Sadio Mane Opens Up About Disagreements With Mo Salah

Credit: Daily Express

Credit: Daily Express

There have been some rumors about a potential feud between Sadio Mane and Mo Salah, as the first threw a massive tantrum at the other during their match vs. Burnley earlier in the season.

Rumors claimed Mane thinks Salah is too selfish at times and doesn't get his teammates involved to try and finish actions on his own even if his teammates are wide open.

However, both players have seemingly worked things out, as there hasn't been much buzz regarding that matter in some time, with Sadio Mane recently admitting that, even though they have some disagreements, he's still an exceptional player:

“He’s a crazy goalscorer and an exceptional player who can do everything. We have sometimes had our disagreements, but it remains a great pleasure to play beside him because I have the feeling we speak the same type of soccer," the Senegalese told France Football.

Dealing with big egos is one of the most difficult parts of a coach's job, but Jurgen Klopp has always been great at making the most of his locker room and bringing his groups together.

So, naturally, he must've talked to his two biggest stars to work things out and do what's best for the team, and that's one of the reasons why Mane and the rest of the team are so high on him and his project:

“His secret, I think, is to be the team’s dad. Between us, everything clicked straight away. We all love him like a father and we fear him like one too. He takes up a lot of space in my life, and not just in football. He’s great as a person. I trust him blindly, like most of the dressing room, I think," Mane concluded.

Liverpool made it to back-to-back UEFA Champions League finals under Klopp, winning one of them. Now, they'll focus all of their efforts on finally putting an end to their domestic championship drought, so they'll need Salah and Mane at their best to pull it off.