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Sergio Ramos Suspended One More Game For Deliberate Yellow Card

Sergio Ramos

Once again, Sergio Ramos is involved in a lot of controversy for what some may think is a bit of unethical or unsportsmanlike behavior.

Thing is that the Spanish player said that he intentionally committed a foul in order to get booked and miss the second leg of Real Madrid's knockout stage match against Ajax.

That way, the defender would avoid the risk of being suspended for this year's UEFA Champions League's quarter-finals, assuming Madrid manages to go past the Dutch side.

"Looking at the result, I'd be lying if I said I didn't force (the booking). It is not to underestimate the opponent nor to think that the series is over, but in football you have to make tough decisions," Said Ramos back then.

So, even though he later backed down of such comments, the Spaniard still got served with an extra match suspension by UEFA because of the intentional yellow card he earned during the closing minutes of the clash.

“The CEDB has decided to suspend the Real Madrid CF player Sergio Ramos for two UEFA competition matches for which he would be otherwise eligible for clearly receiving a yellow card on purpose. The two-match suspension includes the automatic one-match suspension for the repeated cautions,” Said UEFA in a statement. 

That way, Madrid's captain is set to miss the first leg of the quarter-finals either way, so maybe that'll teach him to do a little more thinking before talking.