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The Reason Why Cristiano Ronaldo Didn’t Attend Ballon D’Or Ceremony

(via Diario GOL)

(via Diario GOL)

Despite having the chance to win his sixth Ballon d’Or award, Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t attend the ceremony. This seems odd for a player who is surely in the running to win the prize, even if the biggest favorites to claim the prize are Lionel Messi or Virgil van Dijk.

Many would think this has something to be with Cristiano and his inability to see someone else winning the award, but that’s not the case. According to Sport, the Juventus forward double-booked himself and was going to be at another event in Paris.

CR7 was set to go to the Gran Gala of Calcio, where he earned the MVP for last season in Serie A as well as other prizes.

It was unlikely for him to win his sixth Ballon d’Or award, with Lionel Messi and Virgil van Dijk being the favorites for the prize. In the end, the Argentinian striker lifted the trophy after a good season with Barcelona, who win the La Liga title once again.