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Thomas Tuchel Admits Neymar Jr Is Really Hard To Coach

Credit: AFP

Credit: AFP

Following a turbulent summer, Neymar Jr is finally back at Paris Saint-Germain, scoring 4 goals in 5 outings at the start of the season before suffering yet another injury that kept him in the sidelines for several weeks.

But now, he's back at full strength and looking forward to PSG's clash vs. Real Madrid for the UEFA Champions League, and everybody knows he's going to bring his A-game to Santiago Bernabeu.

But, unsurprisingly, it looks like the Brazilian superstar isn't the easiest guy to deal with in practice, according to PSG's manager Thomas Tuchel:

"It's not easy to manage him at all! He has a big, big heart, but, unfortunately, he does not always show that he is a generous, reliable boy. Sometimes it is provocative and it's very bad because it's not necessary.

Yes, yes, I tell him that. We laugh a lot together and I always try to tell the truth. He accepts it, but it's difficult. Ney is provocative when he feels that something is wrong, but he isn't when he is calm," Tuchel told France Info.

Tuchel knows Neymar is set to play a key role in PSG's plan vs. Real Madrid, and he continues to be wary of Zinedine Zidane's team even after thrashing them 3-0 at the start of the season:

"It's really an institution, Real Madrid. I played once with Borussia Dortmund at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium and it's really hard to play. This is one of the most difficult places to go in the world. For us, this is a good opportunity to show we are able to play with confidence, to take the ball, to have possession, to be brave, and to attack in this atmosphere. Since losing to us, they have lost just once, and they have won every other game.

They are really very strong right now. But we are first in the group, we are qualified for the round of 16, and it's a great opportunity to play with the right spirit and a lot of courage," Tuchel concluded.

PSG are currently leading the group by five points with just two games left on the schedule and they control their own destiny, but Real Madrid will make it really tough for him to repeat their historic performance from the start of the season at Parc des Princes.