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Tite Says Lionel Messi Told Him To Shut Up

(credit America TV)

(credit America TV)

Lionel Messi scored Argentina's lone goal in the Superclasico friendly match vs. Brazil, sending one past Alisson Becker after the goalkeeper stopped his first shot from the penalty spot at the 13th minute.

After that, the friendly matchup between those lifelong rivals didn't have much to impress fans, with both teams struggling to get anything going in the offensive end at all.

However, Brazil's boss Tite recently shook the world by accusing Lionel Messi of telling him to shut his mouth, showing a lot of disrespect despite the fact that it was just a friendly matchup:

"I complained because he (Lionel Messi) should have been shown a yellow card and he told me to shut my mouth and I told him to shut his mouth. And that was it. I don't want to answer anymore on it. You need a strong referee because he'll swallow you… It should have been a card, I was right to complain," Tite told the press after the game, as quoted by Argentinan outlet Bolavip.

Brazil has mightily struggled since winning the Copa America title, going 5 straight matches without a win and showing little-to-none signs of improvement.

This time, the 5-time World Cup winners have the golden chance to turn things around and get momentum back on their side, but Gabriel Jesus badly missed from the penalty spot just a couple of minutes before Messi's goal.

As for Messi, the Argentinean captain decided to go back to the national team after flirting with the idea of retirement following yet another massive failure in the last Copa America.

So this time the Barcelona superstar isn't going to be messing around, as he's been eager to show the world that he's not a pushover and won't back down to anybody, even if that means telling the rival coach to shut his mouth.