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Top 10 Most Impressive Records In Football History

Top 10 Most Impressive Records In Football History

All sports are unpredictable and football is not exempt from that; in fact, football is sometimes more surprising than other disciplines, as everything can happen in the span of 90 minutes. We have witnessed astonishing performances by teams and players either on single games or through a complete season.

These feats have been remarkable, impressive and some of them are very hard to replicate. This time we got to list 10 impressive achievements we have seen in the history of football; things that seem difficult to copy nowadays and that makes them more valuable. This is our list of football feats that shocked the world.

Honorable Mention: Most red cards given in a match (36), showed by Damian Rubino in a game between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas in the fifth tier of Argentinean football

10. Highest Score In A Match

This record is as impressive as upsetting since it was produced as a protest for bad refereeing towards one of the teams involved in the match. Back in October 2002, AS Adema and SO l'Emyrne starred the game with the biggest scoreboard in the history of football. The game was part of a four-team round robin to determine Madagascar national champion.

SO l’Emyrne was disadvantaged by poor judging in prior games and decided to play against AS Adema, but protesting for the bad decisions that left them out of competition for the title. They picked a singular way to show their discontent and as soon as the whistle went, they started to score on goals. In the end, they had made 149 goals, setting a world record; things didn’t end good for SO l’Emyrne, as they were banned from the game three years.

9. Fastest Hat-trick Ever

It is hard to find a clear answer on this matter, given the fact that hat-tricks are scored often and at different levels. However, if we’re speaking about professional football, there is a case that beats the others in a great fashion.

Magnus Arvidsson, a retired Swedish forward has the honor of scoring the quickest hat-trick of all time in professional football. He did so during his days with IFK Hässleholm back in 1995, when he scored a hat-trick in 1 minute and 29 seconds against BolS, breaking Tommy Ross’ record of 90 seconds.

8. 5 Goals In 9 Minutes

Three years ago, Polish striker Robert Lewandowski made sure to be remembered for the rest of history thanks to the numbers of goals he scored in a short span of time. Lewandowski destroyed Bundesliga rivals Wolfsburg as a substitute back in September 2015, when he scored five goals in just 9 minutes.

He took his team from losing the game to win it in a great way; he tied the scoreboard at the 51st minute, gave Bayern the lead one minute later, then increased it at the 55th minute before closing the night with two other goals at 57th and 60th minutes of the game, respectively. Lewandowski also scored the fastest Bundesliga hat-trick in history and became the first substitute to score five goals in a match.

7. 131 Goals For A Goalkeeper

Scoring 131 goals throughout a career is something that not much strikers are capable of doing these times. However, we are not talking about strikers in this spot, but about a goalkeeper who defied everything to become the highest-scorer in history for a player who plays far away from the rival’s area.

Rogerio Ceni had a marvelous 25-year career, in which he spent 24 with only one club -another record-, São Paulo, racking up big numbers that made him a legend not only in his side but in his country and probably at a world level. He scored 69 goals from the spot, 61 from free-kicks and 1 from open play in 1257 games for Sao Paulo, breaking the previous one held by Jose Luis Chilavert, who scored 67 goals in his career.

6. 1142 Minutes Without Receiving An International Goal

Dino Zoff is a total referent when we talk about goalkeepers, as the Italian legend set the examples for several goalies that came after him. Through his career, Zoff managed to set plenty of records that even though were beaten in next years, are still pretty impressive. His nine consecutive Serie A clean sheets record was only broken by Gianluigi Buffon a couple of years ago.

Anyway, that’s not why we’re here, but for his incredible 1142 minutes without receiving goals at international level. Dino holds the record for the longest stretch of minutes without allowing a single goal in international football; he achieved it between 1972 and 1974 until it was finished by Haitian Mannon Sanon’s goal in the 1974 World Cup.

5. 650 Goals Scored In The First Division

Edson Arantes Do Nascimento, a.k.a. Pele, is known for a bunch of things, considered the best player that has ever played the game in the eye of many thanks to the stuff he did on the pitch. Well, he also managed to get in our list as the player who had scored more goals in the first division.

Perhaps Lionel Messi can break his record very soon, but according to the IFFHS, Pelé is the most successful domestic league goal-scorer in the history of football with his 650 goals in 694 League matches. In total, he tallied 1281 goals in 1363 games, including unofficial friendly matches.

4. 91 Goals In A Calendar Year

Speaking of Lionel Messi, here is the Argentinian star again and this time with his own record. Ever since he exploded as a reliable scorer, Messi hasn’t stopped delivering not only for Barcelona but the Argentina national team and back in 2012, Messi showed the biggest example of his scoring capacity.

He managed to score 91 goals in a calendar year with both Barcelona and his country seven years ago; he made 59 goals in the La Liga, 13 in Champions League, five in Copa del Rey and two in the Spanish Super Cup. Plus, he scored another 12 with Argentina shared between friendly matches (7) and the South American World Cup qualifiers (5).

3. 108 League Games Unbeaten

There have been good runs in history when we talk about unbeaten teams, but there is one who surfaces above all and it didn’t even happen in Europe. If you’re one of those thinking Steaua Bucarest had the best unbeaten run, you were almost right, as the Rumanian team is only four games behind ASEC Mimosas.

A club based in Abidjan, Côte D’Ivoire, had a terrific streak of 108 undefeated games through 1989 and 1994 in the Côte D’Ivoire Premier Division. The most impressive thing about this feat is the fact that they had four different bosses and yet were reluctant to lose. This one is a nearly-unbreakable record that will last for several years to come.

2. Six Titles In A Calendar Year

Although Pep Guardiola was in Barcelona only four seasons, the Spanish boss and his team made sure to be remembered for eternity. He was successful during all his tenure with the Blaugrana, but his first two seasons in the club can be considered the peak of their production, as they produced the famous sextuple.

The team managed to win six titles in 2009, starting from the La Liga, Copa del Rey, and the Champions League. These titles gave them the chance to play for the Spanish and European Super Cup and the FIFA Club World cup. They were about to lose the final tournament of the year against Argentinian side Estudiantes, but a couple of late goals took the Catalonians to achieve something nobody except for them has done.

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1. Five Consecutive European Cups

If keeping a good level through one year is hard, imagine what it’s like to maintain that good standard over five years. That’s exactly what Spanish giants Real Madrid did during the mid-50s and early 60s when they won not one or two or three European Cups, but five of them; incredibly, they won the first five editions of the tournament displaying a very good football and anything but mercy to their rivals.

Alfredo Di Stefano, Ferenc Puskas and more led the team to become the best in Europe and arguably in the world, defeating important rivals like Milan or Fiorentina on their way to make history. They were keen to continue his dominance in the continent then in the 60s and would have been another three championships if it wasn’t for Benfica and Inter.

Not any team has been capable of doing what Real Madrid during the first five editions of the European Cup and is very plausible that nobody won’t even be able to emulate them.