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Tottenham Players Growing Concerns Over Mauricio Pochettino

(via Marca)

(via Marca)

Tottenham Hotspur aren’t leaving the best hours following a bad start in the Premier League and one scandalous defeat against Bayern Munich at home. These two factors have raised a lot of concerns surrounding the club, the players, and now, the boss.

Mauricio Pochettino has been criticized for the level the club has been showing since the end of last season, with fans asking him for better results both in England and abroad. The Spurs have collected just 11 points from their opening seven games in the Premier, only to make things worse when they were beaten 7-2 in midweek at home in the Champions League by Bayern.

Now things look more complex for the Argentinian boss, as people around the club are worried Tottenham might not be able to compete for trophies this season. They are very far from Liverpool, the leader of the Premier, and seeing their first games in the UCL, you can say that the picture doesn’t look so good for them, either.

According to the Daily Mail, there is even more concern within the camp as it’s claimed that the players have noticed that Poch is becoming distant in training and isn’t as involved as he once was. It’s unclear who revealed this information, but it’s something Tottenham’s supporters need to be aware of.

They are keen for the club to turn things around, and that’s something they can’t make if the boss and the players aren’t on the same page.

This report adds that the Lillywhites won't sack Poch, but the boss could be looking for an exit from North London. They had a very good season last year, reaching the Champions League final, but even before that, the team wasn’t having very good performances.

This summer several players were linked with a move away from the club, so it might be the right time to make the changes the club needs to take that next step to start winning trophies.