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Transfer Rumors: Liverpool Revive Old Interest In Olympique Lyonnais Star

Liverpool Revive Old Interest In Olympique Lyonnais Star

Last summer Liverpool invested a lot of money in several players that led them to have a marvelous 2018/19 season, finishing as runners-up in the Premier League and winning the Champions League just a couple of weeks ago.

Liverpool had big hopes during that transfer window and ended up bringing the right pieces to fight at a national and continental level, but somehow it looked like the Reds missed something last year. They were heavily linked with Olympique Lyonnais’ star and captain Nabil Fekir over that summer, and even though the English giants pulled out of that move, reports suggest that now the interest is back.

The £52.75 million deal was almost done between the English and the French, but Liverpool decided to move back due to concerns over Fekir’s long-term knee problems. However, as we stated before, the Merseysiders are reportedly interested in Fekir again and this time they could get the player for a lower fee.

When that signing fell apart, Liverpool turned their eyes to a different player and they brought Xherdan Shaqiri to Anfield instead. Now, when everybody thought this deal was never going to be pulled off, journalists in France have claimed otherwise.

According to Le Progres Liverpool are “still following” the 25-year-old, before reportedly following this up by claiming they could restart talks, but would “not be willing to invest as much as last summer.”

Later on, CANAL+ and Eurosport’s Romain Collet-Gaudin took to Twitter on Thursday morning to write that the Reds are “very interested” in Fekir. The fee he quotes is £26.7 million, much less than the £52.75 Liverpool were willing to pay last summer.

These two sides will play in a pre-season friendly in Geneva on July 31, which Les Progres suggest could facilitate the deal. Fekir has been one of the best players in European football and despite his knee issues, he can make a good impact in Anfield.