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Tottenham Legend Opens Up About Christian Eriksen's Move To Real Madrid

Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen has been surrounded by a lot of controversies lately, as the Dane playmaker is reportedly eying a move out of Tottenham Hotspur in the summer as he looks for a "new challenge", according to his words.

Several Tottenham supporters have felt betrayed by Eriksen's stance on his future, especially considering how successful has been as of late and how close they were to winning the UEFA Champions League.

However, former Tottenham legend Darren Bent feels their fans shouldn't be mad at Eriksen for pursuing a move to Real Madrid, the team that's been following his footsteps:

"No Spurs fan will look at Eriksen and give him any stick because he's been loyal to them and given them great service. The fans will let him go with open arms. He'd be a big loss but he'd fit the mold for Real Madrid really well. I don't know how much they are planning on spending because they've already spent £200m and they'd have to spend another £80-100m to get Eriksen. He kind of put it out there that he'd like to leave to go to Real Madrid or Barcelona, but if he has to stay he will because of the backlash from the fans. He's 27 and he probably thinks that now is the right time to go," Bent told Sky Sports.

However, the striker doesn't think the club is completely forced to sell him right away, even if he's already openly talked about a potential summer exit:

"It's not going to be a foregone conclusion that he'll leave Spurs because I know how they operate, and if it doesn't make sense for the football club then he won't be going anywhere. It's a catch-22. As a manager, you want to keep your best players at the football club but you've got to look ahead as well," Bent concluded.