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Transfer Rumors: Real Madrid Eager To Make Swap Deal With Liverpool

Transfer Rumors: Real Madrid Eager To Make Swap Deal With Liverpool

Albeit Liverpool are not expected to make much noise this summer transfer window, the Merseysiders might still land one or two big names this offseason trying to strengthen an already powerful squad. With their fans keen to see new players make their way to Anfield Road, the Reds have reportedly gotten to work to sign one of the most promising footballers in Europe.

It’s well known that the Reds and their boss, Jurgen Klopp, are crazy to land Real Madrid’s young star Marco Asensio. Even though Los Blancos would prefer to keep the player with them, they don’t see with bad eyes a potential departure from the Spaniard, as they think they could get a pretty good deal for him.

According to El Desmarque, Liverpool are very interested in Marco Asensio, but they may need to give up Sadio Mane in exchange. Quite unlikely, to be honest.

According to the report, the Reds are willing to pay a figure ‘close to €75 million’ (£67m) for Asensio, with Jurgen Klopp seeing the 23-year-old as a 'perfect complement' to his squad. Asensio is believed to be seen as a backup to Mohamed Salah.

Zinedine Zidane, on the other hand, doesn’t want to lose Asensio, with El Desmarque quoting the Real Madrid boss claiming Marco has the ‘best left-footed player I've seen since Messi’.

So, in order to get a backup for Salah, Liverpool would have to give up one of their best players in exchange or pay the same amount of money they paid to get Allison Becker last season. That doesn’t sound fair.

Even though Liverpool have shown their interest in Asensio in the past, with the player having a €700 million release clause, being apparently at Madrid and Liverpool not needing another forward, this sounds highly unlikely for any party involved in these rumors.

Besides, Asensio’s overwhelming season with Madrid last term didn’t exactly attract a lot of attention to him, so the English side would probably opt to avoid a move for him.