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Unai Emery Responds To Furious Arsenal Fans

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Unai Emery continues to walk on thin ice as Arsenal barely stole a point vs. Southampton thanks to a heroic last-minute score by Alexandre Lacazette to seal a 2-2 draw.

The Gunners have been one of the most disappointing teams of the season following huge investments in the summer, and it doesn't look as if Emery could turn things around any time soon.

So, in what might as well be his last conference in charge of the Gunners, the Spaniard vowed to do betters and sent a heartfelt mea culpa to Arsenal supporters, claiming he understands why they're so angry at him:

���The club is supporting me every day and also I have a responsibility. I know I can do better, I can take more performances with the players and I'm going to try to do that. I understand the supporters. They are now frustrated, disappointed and angry. The players feel the same. My job is to work, analyze and find a solution for how we can improve.

I know the key is here to take confidence, to achieve the points, the good performances at home and then to take that away. The key is here with our supporters. I know that and the players also know that. Our target was to win this evening but above all, to connect. We didn't do that. We lost a very big opportunity and now we will analyze and work on a solution for the next matches," Emery told the media, as quoted by BBC.

Emery knows that'll take some time before Arsenal fans trust him with the reins of the team, acknowledging all of the mistakes the team committed during another embarrassing outing:

"Confidence comes with a good result. To take that confidence, we need to play better, control the game better and improve our game plan. We didn't do that for 90 minutes. In the first half, we equalized but it wasn't enough. We needed to impose and to show we were better on the pitch in 45 minutes.

{We didn't do that. We changed in the second half and we achieved that in 20 or 25 minutes at the start of that second half, but then we were losing. We lost some confidence and we were frustrated on the pitch, but we tried to push. The supporters helped us and we drew at the end but it wasn't enough," he concluded.

Arsenal are currently sitting at the 7th spot of the English Premier League table, 8 points out of the top-four and one point behind Wolverhampton, so they're in huge risk on missing out on an European competition next season.