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Video: Sadio Mane's Goal Disallowed In Yet Another VAR Controversy

Video: Sadio Mane's Goal Disallowed In Yet Another Var Controversy

Football fans knew VAR would be a complex thing to see in the game, but the things we’ve seen in England this season go beyond that. A lot of criticism has been thrown to the system by managers, players, and fans.

In one of the most recent controversies, Sadio Mane had a goal disallowed by var for Liverpool against Watford on Saturday and it's creating even more drama. Liverpool have been accused of getting favored by VAR, but this time things were different for the Merseysiders.

Mane thought he'd doubled Liverpool's lead to 2-0 after a great header from a Xherdan Shaqiri cross. VAR got involved and ruled that Mane's armpit was offside and the goal was chalked off.

Fans were quick to show their surprise and disagreement with the decision, while others were quick to point out that a VAR result has finally gone against Liverpool.

It was indeed a controversial decision, but it helps to see how things have worked with this new system and the division it has created among Premier League fans. In the end, Mohamed Salah scored his second goal of the day, taking Liverpool to win the game 2-0 to continue their surge towards a first Premier League title.