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Video: Sergio Ramos’ Compilation Trying To ‘End Lio Messi’s Career’ Has Gone Viral

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Sergio Ramos is a great defender, but throughout his career, he’s been criticized for his rough game and unnecessary rudeness. This is often shown when he’s playing against Lionel Messi, one of his biggest rivals.

The pair have squared off against one another in several El Clasicos over the years and now a compilation of Ramos' dirtiest moments against the Argentinian talisman has been going viral on social media.

In the nearly two minutes of footage, you can see Ramos leveling Messi with mistimed challenges, cynical kicks, and flailing arm because as the only way he can find to stop Messi and prevent him from scoring goals. Ramos doesn’t win the ball in any of the clips and most of the time leaves Messi hurt on the pitch. If you remember the last time they both clashed, Messi went after Ramos after the Real center-back elbowed him as he challenged for the ball at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Next week Madrid and Barcelona will face each other once again and these videos could be a prediction of what will happen when Ramos and Messi try to take their clubs to prevail over their archrivals.