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Zidane Takes A Huge Shot At Barcelona Over La Liga Titles

Zinedine Zidane

Just when Real Madrid fans thought there was simply no way they could be more in love with Zinedine Zidane, The Magician pulled off yet another trick by taking a major dig at their longtime rivals, Barcelona.

The Frenchman is well aware of the fact that the Catalans are more than likely to win the La Liga title once again, as they're currently sitting 12 points behind of Barcelona with just a handful of games left in the season.

However, he made the most of the opportunity to remind everybody who's the winningest team in the country and that by no means Barcelona is bigger or better than Los Blancos.

"La Liga is very important. It's a daily objective. It's going to be our first We have 33 Liga titles. How many do Barcelona have? It's true they are doing great in the last few years, and we have to recognize them, but in our history, there are many more titles. For me it's the most important title to fight for," Zidane told the media (via AS).

Real Madrid are going to be one of the most aggressive teams in the world during this upcoming transfer window, as the team will go empty-handed after getting knocked out of the Copa Del Rey by Barcelona and the UEFA Champions League by Ajax.

Moreover, he addressed Keylor Navas' situation and suggested the possibility of allowing him to leave the team in the summer if he's no longer comfortable at Santiago Bernabeu:

"I would understand if any of my goalkeepers wanted to leave the club in case of not being my first goalkeeper for the next season. Anything can happen yet. It's easy for you to talk about their future, but the difficult part is for me to decide and to talk to them. If I would like to keep the three I have nowadays? I can't say that, cause sometimes I like some things and finally, the opposite happens. We have 25 players, so if we want to sign players, some others have to leave," he concluded.